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The Woman in the Church

With the coming of the Messiah the status of the woman has been radically changed. The whole burden of disgrace rested in the Old Testament, whether justly or unjustly, on the woman. But then GOD gathered all graces in a woman and chose her to be the Mother of GOD. If it is true that the woman used to be excluded from ecclesiastical service, it is also true that now she can stand by the priest as a co-worker and valuable helper.

Mary, the Mother of GOD, and the women disciples of JESUS supported the SAVIOUR’s mission, as they, too, explained the Word of GOD to the people.

Often they were pioneers for JESUS’ ministry, announcing His arrival, and providing for the physical well-being of the Apostles and disciples. In short: the woman of the early Christian Church was concerned that GOD’s servant was able to continue in freedom the work of his Master.


Women Disciples of the LORD – Our Order of Sisters

ā€˛Servants of the Holy Mother Church“ is what the women and girls call themselves who join our Order. As disciples of JESUS they renounce the world and all worldly things in order to devote themselves to GOD alone in voluntary renunciation. As an outer sign of their spiritual betrothal to their divine Bridegroom JESUS they wear blue habits and a ring with the engraving   ”JESUS”.

It is not a whim, this vocation and betrothal to GOD; it is an exalted election, or rather the crowning glory of the female sex. 1 Cor. 6,17: ā€˛But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit.“

Joy of living and cheerfulness, naturalness and humour are very welcome virtues. Loving GOD with their whole and undivided heart is the essence and crown of their vocation.

If someone is interested in the religious state, we offer, after a positive interview, a free stay for the purpose of mutual acquaintance. In the noviciate, which usually lasts a year, a decision to imitate CHRIST can be thought over.

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