Our Members

Anyone can become a member with us provided he or she assents to the precepts and the deposit of faith of the New Christians (of Roman Catholic faith). Leaving the Church is possible any time.

Administrations of Sacraments from apostolic Churches (Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage, Ordination) such as those of the Roman Catholic Church, of various Orthodox Churches, of the Old Catholic Church and comparable Churches are recognised.

With believers from Churches who are baptised in the Name of the FATHER, the SON and the HOLY GHOST, whose priests, however, have no sacramental orders (evangelical, Protestant and similar Churches), it is appropriate to complete Baptism and Confirmation by anointing with Holy Oil.

The validity of the Sacraments is to be examined in each indi­vidual case. In case of doubt they are administered anew yet conditionally. Otherwise the incorporation into the Church of the New Christians will be sealed with Baptism and Confirmation.

What hard times do people have today, often having no one to confide in, no place where they are taken seriously, especially concerning GOD and the supernatural life.

The unity of New Christian members is strengthened by the collective attendance at Sunday’s Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, by discussion evenings and many more. Especially at the high feasts such as the feast of the Holy TRINITY, the feast of “Mary Empress”, Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary or at the annual great meeting of Whitsun, the members from all coun­tries meet at the Motherhouse, where they can exchange views with one another, do something together and have lots of fun and joy amongst like-minded people.

Are you interested in coming to know us better? Would you like to come to know GOD better and to come closer to Him? Then we look forward to your contacting us or come by for an interview. A special event is the attendance at the Sword-Bishop’s Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Sword-Bishop’s words open new worlds and give you spiritual riches allowing you to also more easily overcome the daily obstacles.

Paschal candle & baptismal font