Saint Michael the Archangel –
Prince of the Heavenly Hosts and Patron of the Holy Church

Excerpt from the sermon of the Sword-Bishop: St. Michael has a lot of patronages, e.g. he is also the Patron of the dying. But one patro­nage has been left unmentioned by the Church:

He is the Patron of Holy Confirmation, the Patron of those who have been con­firmed, the Patron of the fighters of CHRIST! For he is the first and most powerful fighter of GOD, whom GOD chose to lead the whole heavenly host. Let us only consider that a single Angel was able to defeat a whole army of soldiers by snapping his fingers. However, for the Archangel Michael it is not only one Angel who is fighting but legions of Angels – what a power!

And yet, when his feast – pleasing to GOD – is celebrated, he comes in every mountain church, be it ever so little and humble. Because it is not the furni­shing of the room that is important to him, but JESUS and His sacrificing, the presence of his Empress Mary and the Saints and the hearts of those attending. In St. Peter’s he does not therefore come more gloriously than in a little mountain church.

Because Michael was the first to rise up against Lucifer and call out: „Who is like unto GOD!”, he was given as a reward what Lucifer held. From a low choir, where he was before, he was the first Angel to be moved to the highest position, though not in the manner of the Seraphim and Cherubim in ado­ration of GOD. And yet, we know that GOD placed a Cherub with a sword at the entrance to Paradise to guard it. Interestingly, there was no such thing as a reward in Heaven before the fight of the faithful against the unfaithful Angels. This was instituted by GOD only afterwards.

And it is interesting that GOD responds to our works also in this way saying: „I will repay each of you according to his deeds.”

Are You a Fighter of GOD?

Are we fighters of GOD? – Should we not wish the ground would open and swallow us up, when this mighty Prince and Archangel appears? Do we fight for GOD’s matter?

St. Michael the Archangel – Prince of the heavenly Hosts

Or do we merely stand by moaning and groaning watching the rampant god­lessness I have never heard Michael the Archangel moan. When he is bound, that is when he is not allowed to do anything any more, since he must respect the free will of man, then he just calls: „You’ll see: No one is like unto GOD!”

It is not GOD who punishes us, mankind punishes itself by disregarding the order and commandments of GOD. To think we have up there above such mighty, absolutely unconquerable heroes as allies.

Come, let us become unconquerable ourselves together with our Guardian Angels.

Yet how often is there fear of man among the Christians. „Of course, we do see that there is something wrong with the Church!”, they say, but are too cowardly to rise up against it. Others again believe they are very pious when they say: „GOD will intervene!” Yet how has Saint Michael the Archangel responded? He rose up, although he was a “little one”, and in zealous love of his LORD called out: „Who is like unto GOD!”

Let us ask, invoke and honour Saint Michael the Archangel as Patron of CHRIST’s fighters in order that he may defend the Church of CHRIST and lead her to victory!

„Saint Michael the Archangel,
with your light enlighten us!

Saint Michael the Archangel,
with your wings protect us!

Saint Michael the Archangel,
with your sword defend and save us!

„Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle ...!“