Guardian Angel – Your Holy Friend, Brother and Partner

Excerpt from the sermon of the Sword-Bishop: If anyone of you could see his Guardian Angel, he would think he had seen GOD. An Angel is of such shining beauty that we could not look at him with our bodily eyes, we would instantly die. Our earthly matter would be shattered by so much splendour and beauty.

If now the holy Archangel Michael is ordained to subdue this angel rejected by GOD with his sword, you must not think that Michael will do this with a material sword. As the highest commander-in-chief he is a prism of GOD. The majesty, the light of GOD shines on him, and if he points his finger at Satan, the light of GOD shines on him over his finger like a destructive flash of lightning. And so it also is with your Guar­dian Angel.

You must learn to take your Angel for real, not as a sweet, pottery figurine. When you enter a church, consider: what will your Angel do? How will he enter the house of GOD, in the sight of GOD? The majority of the faithful are already kneeling in their pews while their Angels are still prostrated with their faces to the ground out of loving reverence towards the presence of JESUS CHRIST.

Have You Greeted Your Angel Today?

He is pleased with your greeting. He watched over you when you were asleep – he was with you, he was even more with the sleepless. He was glad that he could wake you up for a new day. His appeal: “Now we can start again a new day together to the greater glory of GOD.” What was your answer?

I often see the Guardian Angel, colloquially speaking, like a butler, always standing behind his protégé, waiting for his master’s requests. You can be thankful that he does many things by GOD’s command, otherwise your Angel would often be unem­ployed. My GOD, what more can I say so that you may understand who is beside you? What can I say that people may understand that they are never alone? If you could see him, you would think that GOD Himself is standing before you.

Have a High Regard for Your Angel

He looks at you all the time. He is a mighty help, of which you are far too little aware.

If you have to settle important matters or pay like visits, send your Angel ahead that he may arrange conversations, prepare jobs, make contact with the Angels of those with whom you will get in touch. You would be much more successful. If you worry about your children, why do you not send their or your Angel? Do ask him for his help! How pleased will he be to help you! You, parents, have a special privilege of calling on the Angels of your children, of giving instructions or delivering messages. Do not think in such a terribly human way but allow GOD to reign in His wonderful Providence!

There are so many things you do not know yet. Your Guardian Angel, however, knows. Take his advice. Have you ever thanked your Angel for everything which he did for you without being noticed? In temptations he defended you a thousand times. You do not see the devil coming and how cunningly he approaches you, but your Angel does.

The physical and spiritual dangers you will mostly recognise too late, whilst your Angel protects you from harm – fights for you. Do you also thank him for anything which you do not foresee and recognise, for all the good he has done to you today?

If you want to give your Angel a special joy and reward, then entrust GOD, his Crea­tor, with it, or his noble Queen Mary. Ask them that they may give him a special joy as a pre­sent. Pray for example: “My GOD, I pray you, give my Angel a special present, You can give him anything for he is without sin. Give him a great ray of Your glory and an even greater knowledge.” (Even an Angel has not all knowledge of GOD!) As for you, thank him with willing obedience. I witnessed it myself with my Angel: at that very moment he stretches out his arms and receives such a ray from Heaven and an unexpected joy. The Angel is completely overcome with joy, with fervent love of GOD. What do you think how much he will reward you? – You have asked for it in prayer.

GOD Has Given You an Angel

He has committed you to his care! When you die and see your Angel before you, you will sink into the earth with shame because you confided so little in him, worked so little with him, ignored him and did not greet him. Oh, if only you could see your own Guardian Angels in their extraordinary, heavenly beauty … Your Angel has the power, humanly speaking, to de­stroy the earth with his little finger if GOD allowed him to.

Do not forget what your Angel does for you during your spiritual exercises, when you receive the holy Sacraments, how much he compensates what you would not be able to do. He stands beside you as a mirror of GOD’s Majesty! Work with him and let him also work with you. He is your guide. Which of you wants to climb the biggest mountain, Heaven, without a mountain guide? In order to climb it, GOD gave you your Angel. He is holding the rope in his hands. Confide in him. Make friends with him. Let your ‘inner antenna’ be adjusted most finely, then you will hear your Angel!

Of course, there are privileged souls allowed to see their Guardian Angel. Of course, never the way he is in his glory because we would fall in love with him and would have a longing to see him again so much so that we would die.

No Human Being Can Love You as Your Angel Does

And this Angel is always beside you, no matter what you do – whether you are asleep or on the toilet, whether you sin or please GOD. When you die, he will be together with you for all eternity if you attain everlasting bliss. But if you go into eternal damnation – which does exist! – it will be for your Angel such an incredibly horrifying thing. There is only one comfort which GOD can give him and that is assigning him to the Mother of GOD: he will be handed over to his Queen. Because you did not give him any love, the Mother of GOD will give him this love.

Every one of you has such an Angel and he sees GOD’s countenance. He knows GOD’s plan for you. He will, just as GOD does, hardly do anything against your free will. Even if you are a great devotee of your Guardian Angel, you do not even know 2% of what your Angel has done and will do for you – night and day!

An Angel is Not a Sweet, Pottery Figurine

The LORD has commanded His Angels concerning you, to guard you …
"My holy Guardian Angel, let me be recommended to You!"

He always gives the impression of being sublime and majestic, whe­ther he shows himself in a graceful or powerful form, because the ref­le­ction of GOD is on him.

Your Guardian Angel will receive a ray of even greater knowledge
"Holy Guardian Angel, I thank You for accepting me even though I make mistakes!"