Mary – Triumphant Empress

Excerpt from the sermon of the Sword-Bishop: See here Mary, the Mother of GOD, as triumphant heavenly Empress! GOD does not only want to see her celebrated as ”Triumphant Empress” in Heaven, but by His whole creation, in particular by His holy Church on earth!

The Empress Wants to Work Miracles

GOD is willing to introduce her as miracle-working Empress. As heavenly thro­ning Empress she is meant to triumph victoriously! Especially over Satan and all his machinations.

Enough of those statues and images of the Blessed Virgin and JESUS smea­red with blood and weeping tears of blood. Who do people think GOD and the heavenly Empress are? The Evil One really enjoys it: while he marches on from triumph to triumph, Heaven seems to weep and moan in blood and tears. Does it not rather say: „GOD scoffs at His enemies!“? Stop looking on her as pitiable Mother of GOD, rather invoke her help as triumphant heavenly Em­press! As such she has power!

Look, here in this small church room in Rehetobel she sits as Empress and Re­gent. From here she will begin her triumphant progress throughout the whole world. Everybody is allowed to venerate her and take up her time, no matter which faith they have at the moment.

It will bring rich graces to anyone who makes a pilgrimage to her here, on this site chosen by Heaven!

Anyone who cannot manage it may also experience her help and care through a copy of the original statue, provided that it was blessed by my bishops or priests!

The Empress Looks at GOD

The Triumphant Empress does not look at the person seeking help, rather, transported with joy, she fixes her eyes on GOD, who has done great things to her! I see her thus: as Empress being enthroned on a heavenly cloud, invested with unbelievable beauty, authority and majesty.

It has pleased GOD, the LORD, to take flesh through a most pure virgin (as befits GOD) and to be born of her according to the flesh. It pleased Him that she, whom He called His Mother and calls such to all eternity and loves in a divine manner, should also be honoured and loved by us men as His and our heavenly Mother.

GOD Himself is fatherly and motherly. The SON of GOD showed us the fatherly love of GOD, and through the Mother of GOD he wants to let us know His mother­ly love. GOD spoke: „Honour your father and your mother so that it may go well with you and that you may live long on earth!“ How do you believe it would be if CHRIST Himself disdained this in His natural Mother? Thus it simply goes without saying that GOD now bestows on His beloved earthly Mother all divine love and glory which He is able to give her as GOD and as her heavenly Son. And what GOD does is always to be loved and to be praised!

We know that GOD likes to exalt, of all things, the insignificant. And since Mary had once been of too little significance for certain angels to have been willing to recognize her as their Empress, GOD has raised her so high above the Angels, what is terrible now for these fallen angels. And now the same is happening again on the part of men. Is it possible then that a human being is capable of having too low an opinion of Mary, whom GOD found worthy to be born of, and whom He honours and loves as His Mother?
If someone prefers to think like that, my GOD, this even outmatches Lucifer’s pride!

Mary Empress

Come, let us love and honour her with our whole heart also as our heavenly Mother!

Speak to her what the Angel spoke to her by GOD’s command:

„Hail Mary,
You are full of grace, the LORD is with You!
You are blessed amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of Your womb, JESUS!

Holy Mary, Mother of GOD,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.

She is totally enraptured about what is happening to her but she knows from where this power and glory come. One sees that she has not stopped saying: „Whence comes this grace to me? – Yes,“, she rejoices, „my soul glorifies the LORD!“

The Empress Showing the Way to GOD

The present epidemic is that most people make for themselves their own image of GOD by twisting religion according to their own fancy, as they see fit and after their obsessions. And they love and applaud any person who backs up their human (not divine) religion, no matter what kind of person he is, even if he is not interested in GOD at all and does whatever is against the 10 Commandments of GOD. And then such are celebrated as idols on top of it, even if they never ever fulfil the Main Commandment, which says: „You shall love the LORD, your GOD, with your whole heart, with your whole soul, with your whole mind and with your whole strength …!“ If you say to them: „Take Mary for showing you the way to GOD“, they only have contemptuous or very vehement words about it, not thinking that they are talking about the Daughter, Mother and Bride of GOD.

No one can say that he loves GOD if he does not keep His Commandments and does not appreciate or even spurns His Sacraments, which He bequeathed to His Church for Christian life. No one served GOD so pleasingly as Mary did!

Mother of GOD with Child JESUS
Mary Empress