St. Joseph – Model in the Families and Protector of the Church

Excerpt from the sermon of the Sword-Bishop: If we talk about St. Joseph, we immediately think of the Holy Family: Joseph, Mary and JESUS. This unity of the Holy Family is so enormous that it is an image of the unity of the Most Holy TRINITY. However, not only is the unique holiness of St. Joseph to be admired but above all his high dignity both as nursing and foster Father of JESUS and as spouse of Mary, the Blessed Virgin and Mother of GOD.

Terror of the Evil Spirits

St. Joseph has a silent way of his very own in being Protector of the Church. Odd is also: when you put your trust in him, you will find a peculiar, deep warmth and security. He was, is and remains simply father. Do not forget, Mary and Joseph, the greatest Saints of Heaven, they have not come forward with great official appearances, speeches or whatever. Silently and holily they have discharged the duties of their station. Mary washed the nappies, stood at the stove, ran the household. Joseph, being a simple carpenter, worked as a day-labourer to gain a livelihood for his family. He became great with simple work. And yet he is now in Heaven far above any Pope. – With his silence, modesty and humbleness, with his still being misjudged he has become Protector of the Church, terror of the evil spirits.

In exorcisms I have experienced myself what it means: „ St. Joseph, you terror of the evil spirits …” – He is indeed the terror of the evil spirits!

Many wonder: „But where is the protector of the Church today? Why does he not come to the rescue of the Church and save her from the fall?” – My belo­ved, St. Joseph would have the power to destroy the demoniac intrigues at once and build up everything again. But the chaff must be separated from the wheat. The Evil One has been given his time, and only then when GOD says: „Enough!”, will St. Joseph play his part as well. GOD is invincible! In His justice and according to His standard He will determine time and plan.

St. Joseph – Nursing and foster father of JESUS
St. Joseph
St. Joseph – Protector of the Church

This extraordinary dignity was not only given for his earthly life, but continues to exist in a glorious way in Hea­ven. JESUS loved Joseph as no other father on earth had ever been loved. If GOD was already so faithful to His nursing and foster Father on earth, how faithful will He now also be to him in Heaven.

We know that St. Joseph, in this sublime election as has no other saint, is often found sidelong behind the divine throne of JESUS like a fatherly adviser. –

St. Joseph would be able to do so much more for us, if only we asked him more often. By doing so we, as Church Militant, would enhance also the honour and glory of St. Joseph.

Hail to You, Saint Joseph,
beloved nursing and foster Father of JESUS CHRIST
and Mary’s Spouse elected by GOD.
You are full of graces
because the LORD is with You,
You Blessed One among the Saints,
and blessed is Your foster Son, JESUS:

Holy Joseph,
pray to Your divine Son for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.