The Billion-Fold Child Murder

It still is so: to gain growing power and influence, Satan needs HUMAN VICTIMS!

So it was and is since Cain and Abel. Let us think of the civilized nations in the past which sacrificed to their gods (idols) chaste virgins, youths as well as preferably innocent sucklings. Behind all these seeming gods fallen angels and accomplices of Satan were hiding out.

Child murder

And today? Never before, even in the most primi­tive times were there such inhuman practices and vast numbers of murdered human victims! And this for the most part executed by physicians under state pro­tection! Physicians, who in fact are called to support life and heal sick life.

Now, however, things have already come to the point where physicians go to court if they are being prevented from killing little, innocent children to make money. (So it happened in Bavaria in the year 1998.) So, executioner of human life, which has been pronounced NOT GUILTY!

There are women who shout: „That is our stom­ach!“ You murderess! We are not talking of your stomach, you are not killing that after all, but we are talking of the soul created by the Heavenly FATHER, which He lays inside the beginning life.

Mother and child

The children do not come from father and mother, but from GOD – through father and mother! HE, the Heavenly FATHER, is the true Father. You, how­ever, dare destroy His joys of being a father as well as His plans of crea­tion! Do you know that you will once stand before HIM and must give an account?!


is and remains that this murdering, killing, executing


was ordered or at least approved without comment by politicians, ministers, „fa­thers“ and „mothers“ of the state, even if partly under compulsion.

These morals, these sins in their number have become intolerable! Hitler has not so many murders on his conscience as you who assent to abortion!

Amen! Amen! So shall it be! If you, mother or father, physician or whoever was in­volved, die unrepentantly and appear in GOD’s sight, you will have the aborted child or children as accusers before you!

And you, politicians, who gave your voices to the child murder will have all the aborted children of your country as accusers before you, millions upon millions!!! So be it. So shall it be!

(As a matter of fact, the organ first functioning is the heart.) GOD, who creates the soul, still lays something unique and precious into  the  soul,  namely: the free will, which He Himself as its Creator respects.

You! You however! You dare decide on this life created by GOD! So you want to be more than GOD, the GOD who calls each single star at the infinite heavens by its name.

A child's prayer

Repent, confess and change!

And if you as a mother have aborted your own child or as a father wanted or have allowed it, baptize it with the „Baptism of the unborn“! Only in this way will GOD for­give you, and instead of your child becoming your accuser, it will immediately after­wards become a happy and grateful child accompanying you spiritually and ange­lically.

Should your church not be willing or able to help you, I am willingly prepared, or one of my bishops as well as priests, to do so in their stead!

          JESUS CHRIST

For GOD there will then be at the latest justice for these innocent children!

More than body, spirit or age counts the soul created by GOD, because she is created from Divine breath! And each single soul is created by GOD in order that HE may receive from her praise, love and adoration and He can reward her because of that with everlasting bliss with Him.

You, however, have deprived Him of this joy through your self-seeking behaviour! Dare you still appear in His sight?

You are fortunate that you can still make up for this since GOD in spite of everything (as long as you are still alive) does not want the death of your  soul but that you recognize your offence and make good to the best of your ability!