The Darwinian Theory

GOD wants to show us His wonderful manifoldness through the constant changes in nature. et there are people who draw false conclusions from it by saying that we are descended from apes.

He who asserts that is no Christian any more. He should actually be excommunicated according to the old Canon Law, be re­mo­ved from the Church for he is a rotten apple infecting the others.

Today, however, the Darwinian theory is taught in schools. If this should be true, then the Bible is no longer right in saying that GOD created Adam and Eve, the first human beings as the crown of creation. Yet I know it to be true! GOD created Adam and Eve as it says in the Bible. If that were not true, then one could attack the whole Bible.

Sacred Scripture, however, is the guarantor on which we can rely. The SAVIOUR did say: ‚ÄěHeaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.“

Man, the crown of creation