In the Crossfire of Criticism

The Sword-Bishop’s beneficial working, the exorcisms and even the healing of the sick as well as the raising of the dead are often reinterpreted by adversaries as coming from the evil one, which is unthinkable because striking conversions and reform to good have taken place through him. Besides, he has grown in virtue and grace, whereas evil or hell would bring about a decline in character.

Nevertheless, a flood of most terrible slander of all sorts is destroying his good reputation. Every weakness that is believed to be found in his works and words is blown out of proportion and laid to his charge, whereas  the  good  fruits  are  hushed  up.

He is being attacked from the pulpits and in writings. The so-called clever and wise ridicule his appearance and misinterpret his state­ments. In all the time hardly any accusation was spared him, as if the whole environment was only called to judge him. If his adversaries would have to suffer just part of that which rests on the Sword-Bishop’s shoulders, they would then be silenced, because even the entire malice of wicked tongues is nothing in comparison with the dreadful attacks from hell, which torment him again and again with horrible fury, for they feel the end of their reign.


Testimony of the Prelate Prof. Harambillet

(Professor, Doctor of church law and lawyer of the Rota Romana, the highest ecclesiastical court in the Vatican)

He wrote about the priests who preached against the Sword-Bishop:
«Those priests put themselves in great danger of imitating the Pharisees and of judging things which to judge only God is entitled. It is foolish and irresponsible to still judge on the basis of a church law drawn up for normal times in a time of a general breakdown of the Church. As a doctor and judge in this cause I must announce that today not few traditionalists go the way of destruction by taking God’s place and by condemning in their own unenlightened competence that which God calls individually.

Now is not the time to judge but to observe and to pray because God will make His choice here sovereignly as He does in all things. He will never be guided by the thoughts of men as is shown throughout Holy Scripture and in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass ...!»

Prelate Dr Harambillet explained to the Sword-Bishop before several witnesses:
«According to ecclesiastical law you have been validly consecrated, though unallowed. However, since Pope Paul VI has exclaimed: „The smoke of Satan has entered the Church right to the top!“, these laws may no longer be valid, an emergency law must be enacted. Because the Church, however, does not respond to it, God as Sovereign intervenes.»

Prelate Dr Harambillet examined the Sword-Bishop for two hours, he then kneeled down and asked: «Your Excellency, please give me your blessing.»


Further Confirmations

Letter of reply of Maria Simma (well-known Poor Souls Mother from Vorarlberg) to Mrs H., who in­quired of Maria Simma about the Sword-Bishop

Letter of reply of Maria Simma

Writing of Prof Matt (Doctor of Church Liturgy) about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which the Sword-Bishop wrote by GOD’s instructions

Canonical approval of Master Hel­mut Deixler from Vienna written on 13 December 1985 concerning the validity of the Sword-Bishop’s con­secration as Bishop

Canonical approval of Master Helmut Deixler
Writing of Prof Matt – Doctor of Church Liturgy