Who Is the Sword-Bishop?

He is an independent bishop with a valid suc­ces­sion and episcopal consecration according to the Roman Catholic Rite, however, in the will of GOD chosen by no man, nor by any ecclesiastical institution, nor standing under any ecclesiastical jurisdiction, but solely appointed by GOD to be the personal Instrument of JESUS CHRIST for these and future times in order that he speak and act in accordance with His Heart – in which he reads! The sword is the Word of GOD bringing forth the division of spirits!


Called by GOD

Nikolaus, a deep mystic and charismatic person, received from GOD already as a child extraordinary graces and charismas. From his earliest childhood he has experienced the school of GOD to be trained to be His personal Instrument. It is therefore not surprising that GOD made use of the marriage contracted in the year 1965, after 12 years of deepest harmony, for a heroic sacrifice.

„Who loves father or mother, wife or child more than Me is not worthy of Me.“ Abraham was to sacrifice his son. St. Nicholas of Flüe sacrificed his family. The same sacrifice GOD demanded from His Instrument for the Church! His heart rent by grief, he followed the call of GOD in 1975: „The children’s unselfish prayer alone is it given to calm My anger!“ and founded the Children’s Prayer Storm, which first gained a foothold in Holland.

Sword-Bishop by the Altar

In the year 1977 Nikolaus was, in accor­dance with GOD’s will, ordained a priest and consecrated a bishop according to the Rituale Romanum of the Roman Catholic Church by Bishop Gerardus Franck, who had been converted from the Old Roman Catholic to the Roman Catholic Church.

On the way to the consecration to bis­hop, Nikolaus heard the SAVIOUR say: „Be you My Sword-Bishop.“ (The sword signifies the Word of GOD.)

Destroyed by the enemies and rejected by the Church after fruitful activity and being very successful, GOD brought about that the Children’s Prayer Storm with the earned graces became the birth­place of the present community around the Sword-Bishop.

To carry the Main Commandment, the love of GOD and neighbour, out into the world, to teach the ignorant, to uncover the secret machinations of Satan and to renew the Church in the HOLY SPIRIT are among the main tasks of the Sword-Bishop.

On the YouTube channel of the Sword-Bishop you will find the videos of the sermons about manifold and present-day topics: