Now Willy Even Wants
to Have a Guardian Angel

The Horbachs were having unexpected visitors. And they were three of them, little Willy included. Of course, the Crämers did not want to stay overnight. But Mr Horbach said that it was out of the question, they were not to continue their journey until the next day. „Seeing each other for the first time after five years and then we should not have a proper evening together? Impossible!“ Both men had been friends in war and in captivity; now the Crämers were on their way home from their holidays and had made a stopover in the little town. So the visitors also stayed overnight; but for that purpose the apartment had to be “remodelled” a little after supper. „We will quickly tuck the kids in bed and then we will make ourselves comfortable,“ said Mrs Horbach. Little Willy was supposed to sleep with four-year-old Ursel in the same room. Mr Horbach went to the cellar and fetched the old air-raid stretcher and put a thick matrass on it. „You will see, little man, how well you will sleep on it!“ But little Willy was not willing to sleep on the “funny” thing until his mother had shown him the beautiful, large painting with the big golden frame hanging above the emergency bed. „Look at these wonderful, gigantic mountains,“ she said, „it looks exactly like the place in Bavaria where we were the whole time.“ – „Oh,“ laughed Mrs Horbach, who dressed little Ursel in a night­gown, „do not look too closely ... more

October 2018

Monthly Letter