A wise man is he who targets a situation determinedly and is able to put first things first. But what question makes all other questions of secondary importance?

One day, the Emperor Otto III visited St Nilus, who lived in Calabria as a hermit. The monarch, delighted by the Saint’s kindness, said goodbye to him saying: „Ask me for anything you desire, I will give it to you.“ At this, Nilus put his hand on the chest of the illustrious visitor and replied: „I only ask you for one thing: remember the salvation of your soul.“

On 6 October 1986 the Pope said in Ars: „The word ‘sal­vation’ is one of the oft-repeated words of the parish priest of Ars. What does it mean to him? To be saved means to be freed from sin, which estranges you from GOD, makes the heart dull and threatens to cast us out from GOD’s love for ever, which would be the greatest misfortune.“

This terrible possibility of eternal damnation is brought home to us by JESUS CHRIST in numerous passages of the Gos­pel.

Now it cannot be that the infinite wisdom only spoke in such a way as to frighten us; but behind the pictures of the “lake that burns with fire and ... more

October 2019

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