The Daily Crosses

One day, when the little cross that JESUS sent me seemed very large to me …, when I was thinking about what of life remains for me, the life of a Trappist – locked up for ever in this place – and time dragged terribly …, when I was suffering because the road seemed taxing and long, I read the fol­lowing word in a book:

„Nothing that has an end
is really long and big.“

„Nobody knows your pain, your cross,
therefore, it is so pleasing to Me.“

„Do you think your cross is too heavy?
Just look at Me for a moment.
Which one of us suffers more?“

(Words of JESUS)

JESUS asks: „My dearly beloved soul, can you follow Me wherever I go?” – I can follow Him in my daily toil and trouble, worries, illnesses, anxieties, in practising the love of GOD and neighbour. He calls on me to accept the cross – to carry it, to follow Him, because He leads the ... more

April 2019

Monthly Letter