From a Sermon of St. John Vianney, the Holy Curé of Ars:

When we see how the Blessed Virgin Mary lowers herself in humility before every creature, we will also see this humility raised above everything that is not GOD. No, it is not the great ones  of the earth that we observe climbing up on this highest level of dignity where today we view Mary with joy. The three Persons of the Most Holy TRINITY have placed her on this throne of glory, they have proclaimed her Queen of Heaven and earth, and  made her Custodian of all the heavenly treasures.

We will never enough understand Mary’s greatness, and the power which JESUS CHRIST, her divine SON, gave her. And we will never completely recognise her desire to make us happy. She loves us like her children. She is pleased that GOD gave  her the power to be of use to us. Yes, Mary is our Mediatrix. She delivers all our prayers, tears and sighs to her divine SON and she draws the necessary graces for our salvation down on us. The HOLY SPIRIT tells us that Mary amongst all creatures is a miracle in her greatness, a miracle in her holiness and a miracle in her ... more

August 2019

Monthly Letter