Enjoying Life while You May

Death is not just the end of time. If that were the case, if nothing existed after the end of time, then death would merely be a horrible thing for nature. Our mind would supply reasons not to worry about it. They are false sages who in advance comfort themselves with the thought of death. „Let us enjoy life!“ With these words they encourage themselves in order to face the hour of death outwardly in a calm, defiant and challenging manner. When this deadline suddenly ap­proaches its due date, their feigned wisdom abruptly melts under the glaring light of truth and many of them will die on account of GOD’s just judgement in the agony of anger and despair.

GOD created two things in man: spirit and matter. His soul is spirit, his body matter. At death his body dissolves as matter. The soul being spirit cannot decompose. She is immortal like the Angels who are but spirit, no matter whether they are good or evil. That is the reason why our soul when she leaves our body will directly enter eternity, but whether happy or unhappy – never ending – depends on our own decision.

Christian Joy
John 15,13: „Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.“ Everyone who one day has really loved, senses that this
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November 2017

Monthly Letter