From a sermon of St. John Vianney, the holy Curé of Ars

Humility is the great help to attain the love of GOD, pride is the great obstacle to attaining holiness. Pride is the link in the chain of vice, humility the common bond of all virtues.

The Saints recognised themselves better than is the case with other people; because they were humble. It is beyond understanding how and about what such little creatures like us can boast … After death our body will be less than a handful of dust.

Humility is like a pair of scales: the more they are lowered to  one side, the more the other side rises.

A proud person believes that everything he does is good; he wants to lord it over everyone he is involved with. He is always right, he always believes that his judgement is better than everybody else’s … No, that is not the way things go! … If you ask a humble and prudent person for his opinion, he will tell you plainly and sincerely. Then he will allow others to give their opinion. Whether they are right or wrong, he will add nothing. When St. Aloysius Gonzaga in his schooldays was rebuked for some or other ... more

February 2019

Monthly Letter