From a Sermon of St John Vianney, Parish Priest of Ars

A Christian ought to be a Saint … The worldly-minded people wish to be exempted from the pursuit of holiness. This would, of course, disturb them in their way of life too much. They want to make us believe that, in order to become holy, one must perform sensational deeds, dedicate oneself to extra­or­di­nary exercises of piety, endure extreme hardships, keep many fasts, abandon the world, and flee into the desert and pray day and night. Certainly, these things are all good; indeed, many Saints went this way. But that is not what GOD demands of everybody. No, that is not what our holy religion demands, on the contrary, it says: „Raise your eyes to Heaven and see if all those who hold the first place in Heaven did perform miraculous things.“ Where are the miracles of the Mother of GOD, of St John the Baptist, of St Joseph? Many will, as JESUS CHRIST Himself says, call out on Judgement day: „LORD, LORD, did we not prophesy in Your name and perform many miracles in Your name?“ – „Away from Me, you evildoers!“ (cf. Mt 7,22f) the just Judge will answer them. „You controlled the sea; and you have not been able to control your passions? You freed the possessed from the devil and you have been his slaves? You worked miracles and you have not kept My Commandments? … You have done great things, but you ... more

November 2019

Monthly Letter