The Poison of Indifference

„Indifference is the callus of the soul,“ is an old saying. Poor Christians have calluses on their feet from walking barefoot, while the calluses on the souls of well-to-do Christians hinder them from seeing the needs (not just the financial ones) of their fellow human beings.

You can tell by the way people act towards their neighbour whether they have calluses on their souls. „Your neighbour is the one whose eyes you are looking into right now,“ said holy Mother Teresa (died 1997). Your neighbour is your spouse, but also the check-out girl in the supermarket, the single mo­ther next door or the homeless person in the pedestrian pre­cinct.

Do we treat our neighbour as if they were JESUS or Mary – in this attitude of the early Christians who were of one heart and soul in their love for CHRIST? Or do we think: „It is your own fault!“ or: „Nobody helped me, either!“ or: „Let them go and find a job somewhere?“

Those who think and talk like that are far more concerned about themselves than about GOD and their neighbour. If many Christians behave in such a way, they darken the light of CHRIST that they should carry into the world. They often do not even notice that they do not ... more

August 2018

Monthly Letter