Dialogue with the SAVIOUR

Archbishop St. Anthony Mary Claret, a really great Saint, wrote these kind, loving words which he received from the LORD for the people:

„It is not necessary to know a lot in order to please Me; it is enough to love Me a lot. So speak to Me simply as you would speak to your closest friend.

Do you not need any grace for yourself? Tell me openly that perhaps you are proud, selfish, uneven-tempered, careless … and then ask Me to come and help you in your few or many efforts you make in order to be liberated from them. Do not be ashamed! There are many righteous, many Saints in Heaven who had exactly the same failings. But they asked humbly … and gradually they saw themselves free from them. Nor hesitate to ask for health as well as for a happy outcome of your work, business or studies. I can give all this to you, and I give it to you. And I want you to ask Me for it, as long as it is not directed against your sanctification, but en­courages and supports it. And what do you need parti­cu­larly today? What can I do for you? If you only knew how much I desire to help you. Do you have any plan in your mind right now? Tell it to Me. What is occupying your ... more

June 2018

Monthly Letter