Guidance through Your Guardian Angel
False Image of GOD

My beloved! Who is like GOD? Any of you? Any human being? And yet there was one – at that time the greatest one apart from GOD, a mighty leader of Angels, Lucifer was his name – who thought he was like GOD. GOD had withdrawn Himself to test  the Angels because Heaven is not for free; actually, only those  who love GOD will receive it. When you die, if you are saved, but were unable to love yet, you will learn to, before you enter Heaven, because GOD is love. Nothing will enter Heaven that has only one thousand tril­lionth part of the tiniest thing about it, which does not love GOD, because GOD is so supremely powerful!

„Who Are You, GOD?“
A person asked: „Who are You, GOD?“ And GOD answered: „I am!“ Nothing else. Then this person asked: „But who is ‘I am’?“ And GOD answered: „I am love. I am peace. I am grace. I am  joy. I am strength. I am security. I am protection. I am power. I am the Creator. I am the comforter. I am the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the
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Sermon of the Sword-Bishop

October 2019