Patron of the World Peace
St. Nicholas of Flüe
600th Anniversary of his Birthday

My dearly beloved! The important thing today is: Live at peace with one another! How should we be able to ask for peace for the world, if we do not start with ourselves? I know that one cannot always have peace so easily if the wicked neighbour or my own housemates are not pleased. But then, do not get worked up, keep calm, leave it to GOD. It may take a long time for you to chase  a fly and finally catch it. Just take a drop of honey for it and then it will surely come. It is the same with religion. – See to it that you do not return evil for evil, which is a common practice today.  Always chase after the good and not the evil! Always be of good cheer! Live at peace with one another. – However, I cannot love my neigh­bour if I do not like him, unless I love GOD and I see that GOD loves him also because he, too, is a child of GOD. And perhaps GOD says to me: „Please help him to find Me again!“

To me GOD’s love is beyond all telling – impossible to de­scribe, on earth beyond understanding because it is a heav­enly love. GOD is ... more

Sermon of the Sword-Bishop

September 2017