Era of the HOLY SPIRIT

My beloved! Many forget the HOLY SPIRIT. He wants to work and the era of the HOLY SPIRIT should be about to begin now. It depends on mankind, not on GOD, whether or not there will be a terrible time first. I prayed to GOD: „Should this terrible time come, then let me be with the people here.“

People forget who the HOLY SPIRIT is! Even as a little child I was annoyed – certainly from that moment on, when the SAVIOUR began speaking with me – when I heard people say: „In the Name of the FATHER, of the SON,“ and just like a run-on and in a half-swallowed voice: „of the HOLY SPIRIT. Amen!“ It always grieved me so much. I promised Him: „If one day I have a say in the matter, I will bring You up front again.“ There is no one who can give such love as the HOLY SPIRIT can. After all, He is the SPIRIT of the FATHER and the SON, but He is so powerful that He Himself is a Person. If someone wants to grasp that and believes that he has understood, he has not understood; because on earth we have a restricted mental grasp. Yes, once you have been up Above, you will see how limited we actually ... more

Sermon of the Sword-Bishop

August 2019