Your Personal Guardian Angel
Speaking with GOD

My beloved! The majority of the people does no longer be­lieve in Angels. And those seeming Angels that people be­lieve in and venerate are no Angels but elves. Angels with breasts or winglets are no ministers of GOD, nor Angels of Heaven. For an Angel is so supremely powerful, he cannot be made into a cute and cuddly being. It may perhaps be good for little children to have the Angels explained to them in a loving way.

In Heaven there are uncountable Angels. From among these, GOD constantly takes an Angel and sends him to the earth to a new human being. As soon as the first organ, the heart, beats in the mother’s womb, GOD gives into this de­veloping human being His breath, the soul, as He did with Adam, the first human being, and places an Angel at his side. The Angel loves you more than anyone ever can. And if someone sacrificed himself for you, did anything for you, forgot himself, it would then still not be this love which your Guardian Angel gives you. The Angel could do a great many things. But some­times he seems to me like a butler just stan­ding behind you and waiting for your requests ... more

Sermon of the Sword-Bishop

October 2018