GOD Always Gives More than He Takes
Hell is a Collective

My beloved! This being smitten with GOD is a tremendous force in all respects. Even if you are in a terrible situation, in a pitch- dark night, as if GOD were away from you. You might weep about it, be in awful distress, but somewhere in you is simply a staff holding you as long as it takes, and you just say: „LORD, if this is the way it has to be, then let it be so, until I get out. You surely will not let me down. Then I will hold out in the dark, sometime You will come!“ Believe me, such difficult moments which you go  through are like many heavy stones laid in your heart. What happens then? Your heart will enlarge! No one will become great in perfection, in virtue if they do not from time to time run into difficulties which further enlarge their heart. That can be many things: accidents, hospitalisations, in your family, too, there can be very heavy stones … In such moments many people ask GOD: „But what have I done? Why do You strike me?“ No, GOD wants to enlarge your heart – it is GOD’s particular way of doing things.

Job’s Trial
There are also situations, when GOD and Satan are having a conversation and the Evil One says to the good
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Sermon of the Sword-Bishop

November 2019