The Holy Oil
Forgiveness of Sins

My beloved, we have gathered here to solemnly consecrate the Holy Oil, the Chrism. The Anointing with Holy Oil was already commanded by GOD in the Old Covenant, dictated to Moses and Aaron how they should keep it. King David and others were  anointed with it. In the Epistle and Gospel reading, we hear about it at James 5,13-15 and Mark 6,12-13.

The Holy Oil was touched by GOD’s finger so that the Power and effectiveness of the HOLY SPIRIT are in it. That is why we venerate the Holy Chrism by keeping it in the side tabernacle or the altar ta­ber­nacle. The Holy Chrism is not turned into the HOLY SPIRIT  but it becomes the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT and can even blot out sins and many other things. What is anointed with this Holy  Oil becomes GOD’s own, actually belongs absolutely to Him, be it a human being or an object. The Holy Chrism, for example, is used for the Ordination of priests, bishops, Baptism, Confirmation, Anointing of the sick, Sacrament of the dying, consecration of altars, chalices, churches and church bells, and just as the Church appoints it from the highest ... more

Sermon of the Sword-Bishop

June 2019