Being a True Christian
The Sinner’s Return

My beloved! It is said that I constantly introduce political issues into my sermons. Indeed, the reason for this is: wherever Satan meddles, it is my responsibility. And so I will now again say something to that effect. People rant and rave about the Jews. They are accused of all possible things, but mostly people do not know why the top of the Jews, the highest-ranking rabbis absolutely want war and chaos. Be­cause they still adhere to their Jewish faith and believe that when everything is in a mess, the Messiah will come.

When Netanjahu was elected Prime Minister of Israel, the highest-ranking rabbis called him to them and said to him: „You are expected to stir up war everywhere, create and spread havoc, because then, so we hope, the Messiah will come in order to sort things out!“ They are still thinking like this. We should not shake our heads, because we also have to understand the Jews nonetheless. They still believe in what they have always believed. They have been waiting for a Messiah to come in unbelievable strength and Majesty, who as a King will take over everything ... more

Sermon of the Sword-Bishop

February 2019