Abandonment of Faith
Heartfelt Faith

My dearly beloved! Things are looking very bad with regard to faith in GOD. There has been a survey in Switzerland: Only about 37% of the people still believe in GOD. This does not mean that they actually go to church on Sundays. So one can figure out that not even 20% still go to church on Sun­days, but even then we have to lower our sights here. Who only goes for show or just because it is decorum? The numbers should even be more curtailed if only those were counted who simply go out of love because it says: „The SAVIOUR will come down from Heaven on the Altar into the sacred Host.“ All this should actually be a telltale sign of how appalling things are for the Christian faith.

Things are changing rapidly and they are not getting any better. Many young couples do not even want to have GOD’s blessing for their marriage any more for it to be a Sacrament. They no longer have any clue about GOD’s instructions. What did the SAVIOUR say to the Apostles? „Teach them to obey everything I have commanded you!“ People today do not want to do that any more. And since the ... more

Sermon of the Sword-Bishop

November 2017