Lying Media
Spiritual Chip – Brainwashing

My dearly beloved! You are being lied to, lied to, lied to by what is spread by the media today. It is just like a slide show with a slide projector: the slides are inserted and up come the pictures. They did the same with the people. News­pa­pers, television, all the media show exactly what the highest-ranking Freemasons want them to show, and people believe it. Let us just take the American President Trump. Rothschild, Rockefeller and all those others just could not live with the fact that Trump became President instead of Hillary Clinton. How much hatred is thrown at him now! The media are just bad-mouthing him wherever they can in order to de­stroy him, waiting for him to make mistakes.

Spiritual Chip through the Media
Now look how the people have already become sluggish as if they had received a spiritual chip, at least it works that way. There is much talk of a chip implanted in the body, which can be used for paying bills, and so on. But that is not the most dan­gerous part. Far more dangerous is the spiritual chip in­side the brain and the people already
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Sermon of the Sword-Bishop

February 2018