GOD First
Adam and Eve

My beloved! If people knew what kind of mission I have actually been given by GOD, even St. Peter’s in Rome would have too little space. I do not say so on my own initiative. My GOD, the Evil One has such an easy job of it, he does not even have to lure the people into sin, he can simply make them weak. If GOD invites people to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the one says: „Today does not suit me. I do not feel quite so well.“ The other says: „Well, I  just have no time now, it is someone’s birthday and I am due to go there!“ Do you know this passage in the Gospel when the king sent out his servants: „Bring them in, we are holding a banquet!“ and they made their excuses for many things. But with human in­vi­ta­tions they do not say: „If you’ll excuse me, because I have been invited with GOD.“ Is it not so that GOD should come first? „Whoever loves father, mother, wife and child, etc., more than Me, is  not worthy of Me!“ the SAVIOUR does say in the Gospel. In the situation that we are in today, should one not all the more so rush to GOD? Where is He more living than in the Church, in which  the SAVIOUR is present with His Holy Body and Blood? And also in the Bishop, who carries the high-priestly ... more

Sermon of the Sword-Bishop

August 2018