Holy Eucharist

My beloved! How much do people today give a distorted ren­dering and new interpretation to Holy Scripture, as suits every­one best, even theologians. If GOD speaks, it is clear and understandable. Now I am sure that I am going to have difficulties with the Protestants and Evangelicals once again. But I cannot speak to please you, because I do not speak from my head; I speak what the SAVIOUR tells and shows me, what He lets me know.

Before His terrible passion and death, CHRIST gathered His Apostles around a table. Already there begins the mis­re­pre­sen­tation. All kinds of pictures have been painted of it – all well-meant –, wonderful stools on which they were seated, some even sitting on the floor. But it was not like that. It was a very beautiful, elegant room in which there were no chairs, but couches. Does it not say: „John was lying next to Him“? It was Roman custom to eat while lying down. A Traditionalist showed me a picture on which the SAVIOUR gives the knee­ling John a white host in his mouth, and said: „Do you see, that is how it is done!“ But the SAVIOUR ... more

Sermon of the Sword-Bishop

April 2019