The Holy Eucharist
Worthy Reception of Communion

My dearly beloved! How rich are we indeed – the Church of JESUS with her seven holy Sacraments! What can you re­ceive on earth which is more powerful, more beautiful than JESUS CHRIST – He Himself in His true Flesh and Blood?

There are countless miracles of the Holy Eucharist, unheard-of miracles! It often happened that at the Transubstantiation of the Host into the Body of JESUS CHRIST there was really a piece of Flesh on the Paten, or that the wine in the Chalice through the Consecration was changed into Blood. There are thousands of such miracles! Many have been certified by do­cuments because it happened in the presence of many people, and the Holy Species are exposed at those places to public veneration. Why do people still not believe? I will tell you why: because they do not want to!

Perhaps you see that only the Priest alone consumes the Precious Blood and the Body of JESUS, both Species. That is exactly the Holy Sacrifice of JESUS CHRIST, the sacri­ficed Body and Blood, which was shed for the salvation of sinners. The Communion of the ... more

Sermon of the Sword-Bishop

April 2018