King of Peace – Heaven or Hell

“Have a close look at yourself: are you in peace? If somebody wants to argue with you, then just say: ‘Sorry, but I do not want to argue.’ Then you will have GOD, who is the King of peace, within you!

My dearly beloved, there is Heaven or hell!!! Where will you go? It is up to you. If you strive to do what is pleasing to GOD, then Heaven will be prepared for you, usually after a short period of sorrow in purgatory. If, however, you do as you please but do not please GOD, hell remains. Hell, that is a horrific damnation! The Evil One in hell will know nothing other than to torment, to torment, to torment you forever and ever without ceasing. Would it therefore not be worthwhile to please GOD a little bit more?” (Sword-Bishop)


Brother Klaus - Prayer for World Peace

Prayer for World Peace