Good Shepherded – Bitter Herbs as Medicine

“That ought to be the ardent desire and endeavour, the first aim and intention of the good shepherd day and night: to lead the little sheep entrusted to him to everlasting bliss – that man does not stray from the right path and will be saved. A good shepherd will never waver, never give up in his zeal for souls, up to a person’s death. The ardent desire and striving of the good shepherd to lead the little sheep to GOD, the Eternal Shepherd, will, however, not always be agreeable to the little sheep. Every little sheep will once be carrying a lighter or heavier burden, an illness and will need a medicinal herb. These will mostly be bitter herbs. If, however, one knows the good intention of the shepherd, having put faith in him, one will confide in him, even if it is necessary to go through a somewhat bitter time.“ (Sword-Bishop)


Brother Klaus - Prayer for World Peace

Prayer for World Peace