Making the Guardian Angel Happy

“You must not forget that the Chapel is like a basin, a swimming pool. The whole room is impregnate with grace because GOD is physically present, and where GOD is present, there is also a great host of Angels. If you enter it consciously in order to become drenched with graces, you can obtain quite a lot. Thousands of Angels are in there, one of whom will surely hear your request. It will not be just one anyway. When you are at work, you can always send your Guardian Angel to a church. No matter how far away you are, whether on Mount Säntis or in the taiga in Russia, in the desert or the snow. For the Angel there is no distance. But he is absolutely delighted at being allowed to visit GOD and his Angel-brothers. Do not just keep saying to your Guardian Angel: ‘Do this for me, please, do that.’ Rather thank him for everything which he is doing for you, which you can neither imagine nor grasp. With that you can give your Angel great joy. Don’t you forget it!” (Sword-Bishop)


Brother Klaus - Prayer for World Peace

Prayer for World Peace