St Joseph Helps Immediately

“St Joseph is, after Mary, the greatest Saint in Heaven, apart from GOD, of course, and so little is known about him. That is humility. He did not put himself forward, but he was the silent guardian of JESUS and Mary. Humility is a term which is usually mis­under­stood. Humility should blend into a person in such a way that he does not even notice any more that he is humble. There is a virtue which helps to become and be humble: love. – What love must st Joseph have had to be the greatest Saint in Heaven after Mary? He only fulfilled his mission – he took care of JESUS and Mary – he provided for both of them and by doing so he became holy.

Got to Joseph, all of you! If you just try it with him, he will imme­diately help. There are Saints who, before they will answer your prayers, first expect something from you, that you go to confession first, etc. However, the humble Joseph tries to help straightaway. Of course, one should also thank him.” (Sword-Bishop)


Brother Klaus - Prayer for World Peace

Prayer for World Peace